Global Speaker Award 2019 was a very inspiring event with a variety of speakers who showed their talents, being in the moment, impacting the audience with their story. 
The jury gave useful and empowering feedback and advice to each one of them during the contest.
We have compiled the best speakers for you to watch and listen to.


Carolien Flecijn 

She is a High Sensitive Person and Inner Child Coach.
Mother of 4 Sons, she has the life experience to help other women connect with their inner power and Inner Child.
When a child behaviour is difficult or out of balance, she translates this behaviour to the parent. Oftentimes it is the parent, mostly the mother, who is struggling with the connection of their own inner happiness.
Carolien listens to the mother’s story and then feels – thanks to her high sensitive connection – what that child wants to tell to his parent(s). Then she sings and the parent goes to inner peace and meditation. The mother feels the connection again toward their true self.

You could describe her as a Child Whisperer. She believes children are our future and it’s time to step in to our own high sensitive power again.
Inspired by her own life story, when her eldest son Sinan showed some difficult behaviour, labelled Autism, where no therapy could help him. Sinan remained in mutism, not willing to speak for a long time. She searched for ways to recalibrate the relationship and reconnect with her Inner Child.
As a child herself she was shy and had difficulties to fit in the group and lost herself along the way. When she read the book “Present child” from Janita Venema, she found a way to reconnect with her son. She worked on herself, became creative, self confident and so did her son, who even started speaking.
Carolien gave a very empowering en inspiring speech and won the First Prize of the Global Speaker Award Contest 2019.
High Sensitive Person / Innerchild / Inner power / Reconnect with yourself / Love


Petra is a change coach. Taking a decision or adapting to a new situation can be challenging and Petra can show you how to embrace the opportunities of change and make a “new friend for life”. 
She left the corporate career path and decided to focus on what she enjoys the most, which is working with people. Petra has worked over 15 years in retail leadership in large international organisations. Retail is about people, moving forward and adapting. 
She lived in different countries and moved around a lot, leaving her family back in Czech Republic, where she comes from. She learnt French in 3 months and is very proud at herself for this. She never stopped developing because personal grow is her life journey. 
Petra can show you how to embrace possibilities in your new country or your career change. She values honesty and she says: “It is not going to be a “rosy park ramble” as we say in Czech. If you want to work on yourself, I will be on your side.” 
She has knowledge to help you grow and maximize your potential. She is a good listener. Her mentoring or training is tailor made for you and your needs. She guides you towards your destiny. Getting you to your aspiration is her destiny. 

HER STORY in her words:
She was born in Czech Republic in a beautiful town called Olomouc. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a teacher. Later she wanted to study social services.Her parents did not approve. She always thought they wanted to have a female Einstein at home; which did not happen of course. Being a good girl, she obeyed her parents. She studied, learnt English and started her wished-for career at an international company in Czech Republic. Then she left for an adventure abroad.
The beginning was not easy, she struggled a lot, she was unhappy and home sick. She cried nearly every day. However, she  managed, got through the difficult times and continued own career. Unfortunately, her first marriage did not survive this car crash. 
She was working and working, moving up the corporate ladder. Managing, executing, accelerating, achieving, moving countries, going deeper into corporate life. She  truly believed she was excellent in her job. 
However, with many targets reached she started to realize what she enjoyed the most on her job, what gave her pleasure and satisfaction. It was not achieving the business plan and yearly results; it was the people. The people in her teams, people she worked with, people she encountered during my travels. She have coached and managed lots of different men and women. And she loves working with people, different nationalities; see how they react, observing body language. It amazes her. It teaches her. It develops her. 
What does she do when she  is  not working? She runs, does yoga and hike with her husband. We love our active holidays. She reads. She loves hers books. And she definitely enjoys  her glass of wine:-).

Samer Hassan

“I have lived and worked on four continents and in 3 languages crossing cultures, traditions, and beliefs. For 15 years, I have developed individuals and leaders, brought cohesiveness to teams, and trained/mentored coaches”
Studying the major theories and the neuroscience of expanding the human potential, supported by a 30-year dedication to learning martial arts, helped Samer develop “Somatic Thinking” a coaching methodology to transform physical and emotional awareness into a valuable asset for coaching and leadership excellence.
Somatic Thinking message is a simple one “We can’t solve problems by using the same level of physical awareness that we used when we were creating them.” Samer is the first native Arabic speaker worldwide who obtained the MCC (Master Certified Coach), the highest credential level in the world with more than 4000+ coaching hours. One of the only 20 MCC coaches who operate simultaneously in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
He is a New Ventures West USA Professional Certified Coach in the Integral development methodology. A
Professional Certified Coach by the Integral Coaching Canada training company. Certified in many powerful
coaching tools as Clean Language, by David Grove and 360. He has jointly developed the Spheres of
Interaction and profound listening coaching tool with Suzanne Nault, a Canadian psychologist. Samer has
developed a robust and highly successful Coaching Skills for Managers programs, and Coach Training and
Mentoring programs, widely used in Italy and the Middle East.

Samer has worked with organisations and individuals in different roles ranging from an executive coach,
mentor coach, and corporate trainer. Working with private, government and not-for-profit organisations,
with schools and multinational companies, to develop their leadership, increase culture and inter-culture
cohesiveness and maximise the capacity and productivity of their people.
Samer’s clients include Senior Managers, Directors, VP’s and CEO’s. He has coached in renowned
organisations such as the UK Diplomatic Academy in the foreign and commonwealth office, Bank of Intesa
Sanpaolo, AlexBank, Emaar King Abdullah Economic City, Motorola Solution Saudi Arabia, Public Health
Agency of Canada, UNDP (Canada) and (Egypt), National Research Council, Federal Government of Canada,
Diplomats at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in addition to coaching prominent Middle Eastern figures.
“I am a husband and a happy father of two, who lives the life of a nomad. Meeting people from all walks of
life, travelling from one place to another working with, learning from and coaching. Crossing cultures,
traditions and beliefs. Nothing makes me happier than having a deep conversation. I love martial arts, all
kind of food, nature, and people.”
Samer currently resides in Italy, serving his clients in stages, conference centres and training rooms around
the world through his enterprise #KUN.

Yadira Gonzalez Munoz

With her very modest and discrete appearance Yadira Gonzalez Munoz makes her presence noticed in a gentle way whenever she’s around people in a big gathering. As soon as you get the chance to speak with her, a new world of experience opens up and admiration occurs.
This 50 year old lady, known as a leader, pastor and entrepreneur has been through some of life’s toughest trials as a human being. 
Born in Colombia, having her heart in Ecuador and living in Belgium, she had to provide for her 3 children as a single mother for several years preceding a life changing event. 
In 2010 she got ran off the road by an impaired driver. During 4 months she went in and out of surgery, being told she would never walk again. Despite this bad prognosis, Yadira kept believing she could walk again one day and with a lot of effort she did! Like she says “I believe it is up to you to accept or not what people tell you.  I walk because I did not accept the limitations that others set for me and I worked with conviction that I would walk again.  I think that this made a change in my life in a good way, because I found what I really wanted to do with my life: help others create balance in their lives, visualize their goals, inspire people, teach them to be better physically, mentally, and financially.” This is how she defines her “Why”.

She is a grateful person and believes that friends and family can also help when possible. Like she said, she received a lot of help from her mom and her stepdad who she prefers to call “dad”. A few years ago she met her husband and enjoys the balance in life and harmony with him.
She decided to open her own business as a life coach and a business builder.  This way she is able to share her gift with others: inspiring, engaging and building up her community.  She knows that going for ‘safe’ is possible, but so does following your passion in ways that creates a nice balance and sustainability in both private and professional life.  She encourages people to go forward and create their own opportunity by identifying their “Why”. Yadira is able to help those who need to go through that process. 
Make things happen!


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